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Case Study – Iggesund Biofuel Processing Facility Cumbria

Project: Iggesund Biofuel Processing Facility Cumbria

Customer: Iggesund

Inside look at MGF sheets and braces supporting a large excavation

Through MGF’s continued relationship with A.J. Clark, they were tasked with designing and supplying temporary excavation support for the build of a bio fuel facility in the pre-existing Iggesund site. Iggesund are one of Europe´s leading manufacturer of high quality virgin fibre paperboard for use in the packaging and graphics sectors. It is their aim to use some of the current by-products of their manufacturing to process and create bio fuel.

Excavation support was needed to shore the piled walls that would ultimately form the structure to house the bio fuel processing plant.

The key issues with the project were the proximity of the internal structure to the exterior piled walls and the unique shape of the excavation, requiring the bespoke manufacturing of MGF components. The client was concerned about the programme, and it was therefore important to reduce the construction time wherever possible.

The design and use of a bespoke 914UB allowed MGF to avoid the use of knee braces in 2 locations where they would have clashed with the structure. Designed to connect into our modular system, the 914UB was realised by our dedicated design team through multiple site visits and real time, on-site calculations and changes.

A second bespoke piece was also manufactured by MGF to factor in the unique shape of the excavation and not interfere with the internal structure. This piece was built based on our existing 406UC Brace for ease of connection and fit.

MGF’s integration of both modular and bespoke solutions provided Lawsons with a unique excavation support system. One of the major benefits of MGF’s involvement was the ability to manufacture bespoke pieces very quickly, at their head office in the North West, so as to not disrupt the build schedule.

Iggesund Case Study_sml.pdf

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