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Commercial and industrial

Supporting our customers in enhancing growth and development

MGF have a wide range of experience in designing and supplying temporary works solutions in this area, the nature of which varies greatly in size and complexity. Our offering to the commercial and industrial sector covers our entire range of products and indeed our added value services.

Schemes for underground parking, retail developments, supermarkets, factory improvements and new builds, logistics centres and general mixed use developments range from small repair or enabling works utilising smaller trench support systems such as trench boxes, manholes boxes, drag boxes and trench sheets with walers and struts or manhole braces, through to large and often complex cofferdams comprising trench sheets or sheet piles and hydraulic bracing frame and hydraulic struts, to major support schemes utilising our Major Projects propping fleet and bespoke manufactured details.

Our design team work closely with our Technical Sales team and our customers to ensure that excavations are designed with safety, practicality and value in mind.

Case Studies

Case Study: Struts Used to Install 540t Gantry Cranes

As part of the development of their facilities in North East of England, Smulders Projects, who produce offshore wind farm jacket foundations, planned to install two gantry cranes capable of lifting 540t each.
Specialist contractor, ALE Heavylift, was awarded the mammoth tasks of moving the gantry cranes into position, using their own self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs). ALE required 2 No. 32.27m 1000 series props as a contingency measure to ensure the SPMTs positions were maintained during transport. After spotting MGF’s ...

On: 28 Jun, 2019By: MGF

Case Study: Sirius Minerals, North Yorkshire

MGF supply to the deepest commercial mineshaft in Britain.
Located in Redcar, North Yorkshire, the Sirius Minerals development involves the construction of a new 37km mine and mineral transport system; consisting of two 1,500m shafts that will reach the 70m deep mineral seam, the deepest commercial mineshaft in Britain. Expected to last 5-10 years there are plans for the development of a record breaking 37km long underground mineral transport system, 3.5km long overland conveyor, material handling facility and a new ...

On: 24 May, 2019By: MGF

Case Study: University of Ulster, Belfast

Construction of the new multi-million-pound campus at the University of Ulster, Belfast, presented exciting challenges to MGF across several departments including research and development, design and engineering, manufacturing and the operational team who delivered the project from our Head Office in Wigan.
Working with a large specialist joint venture (SJV), MGF developed, designed and supplied a temporary works scheme comprising of 406UC waling beams and large spanning props to support the new retaining walls. The temporary works scheme allows construction ...

On: 10 Dec, 2018By: MGF

Case Study – Wigan Civic Centre Sheet Piled Cofferdam

Project: Wigan Civic Centre Sheet Piled Cofferdam at Grand Arcade, Wigan
Customer: Wigan Civic Centre
Main Contractor: Shepherd Construction

In early 2005, were beginning work on a £52 million project developing a new shopping complex in the centre of Wigan. The geography of the site was complicated, cutting into the side of a steep hill, dotted with existing buildings, some of which were recently demolished to make way for the new multi storey shopping mall and car park. Along ...

On: 23 Feb, 2016By: MGF

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