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Supporting our customers in creating homes for the future

MGF have supplied shoring products and solutions to the housing market since the company formed in 1981 and this market sector now accounts for around 15% of our business.

Temporary works for housing is mainly in the provision of infrastructure to new sites including roads, sewers and other services. MGF regularly provide trench support through trench boxes, manhole boxes, drag boxes and related safety equipment. Excavation support is also provided through the use of trench sheets with hydraulic bracing frames such as manhole brace.

Additional products aimed predominantly at the housing sector include the MGF Pipelifter, Manhole Ring Lifter, Manhole Shutters and Manhole Ring Platform, all of which assist the customer in laying pipes and constructing manholes in the most cost effective and safe way.

Additionally, we supply confined space entry equipment including gas detectors, escape sets and emergency access and egress equipment, plus a full range of pipe stoppers and ancillaries, to provide a complete package to our customers.

Case Studies

Case Study: MGF Supports Quinn Civil Engineering Ltd in Housing Project

Contractor Quinn Civil Engineering Ltd was appointed to undertake the roads and sewers for a new housing development being built in Skelmersdale for client Gleeson Homes.
The project required the construction of new roads and sewers, along with the installation of surface and foul water pipe work. MGF was tasked to provide the relevant equipment for the installation of precast culverts for surface water.
MGF’s involvement in the development originated from an existing relationship with the project’s contractor, a connection ...

On: 8 Oct, 2019By: MGF

Case Study: Top Service for 650 House-Build Development

One of the largest new housing developments in Crewe prepared for the construction of the storm water wet well, penstock chamber and associated pipework, requiring a trusted supplier for the temporary works.
The developers’ site required a 11m x 7.6m excavation to a depth of 9m to provide a safe working environment to facilitate the construction of the permanent works.
Despite being up against a competitor, MGF were the preferred supplier for McPhillips and secured the work based on quality ...

On: 21 Feb, 2019By: MGF

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