Trench Box

Two-sided mechanical excavation support trench boxes, ideal for the installation of utility pipes and services when ground movement is non-critical. This simple and easy to assemble system has adjustable struts that allow quick width adjustments in trenches sizes up to 7.2m deep and 3.9m wide.

  • Designed to be installed by an excavator using either the dig and push or excavate and lower in place technique
  • Bottom cutting edge for ease of installation
  • Top panels available to increase excavation depth
  • Compatible with Endsafe panels

Technical Specification

Description/SizesLength x Height (mm)Max Depth (mm)Internal Width (mm)Panel Thickness (mm)Box Weight (kg)Length between Struts (m)Under Strut Clearance (m)
Mini Base Trench Box3000 x 201041900.6 – 3.66012702.70.9
Lightweight Mini Base Trench Box3000 x 201041900.6 – 3.6609702.70.9
Mini Top Trench Box3000 x 11000.6 – 3.6606902.7N/A
Standard Base Trench Box3530 x 246257100.6 – 3.610020403.21.2
Standard Top Trench Box3530 x 16240.6 – 3.610014203.2N/A
3 x 1 Titan Base Trench Box3530 x 391071580.6 – 3.710847703.12.4
For more information download the MGF Trench Box Technical File
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Video Guide

For more information download the MGF Trench Box file
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It’s our 40th birthday! Let’s celebrate!!

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(MGF GRiPSHORE™) is a simple but widely applicable solution that will radically improve health and safety in shallower trench excavations. It will potentially instigate a culture change, especially with SME’s and utility operatives. Effective use of lightweight materials and basic analysis of soil mechanics provides a quick to install and versatile sustainable low cost solution that reduces CO2 emissions and negates the need for plant

- Award Panel, BCIA Awards 2015


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